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Cloth-design n Ornament Lesson by Dea-89
by Dea-89

My goodness this was hilarious. I love the character interaction between Elli and Skye: they're perfect together. However, Elliot is an...


Mon May 18, 2015, 8:52 PM
  • Mood: Wow!

My first time attending a con with a gang of guys. As much as I enjoyed the experience of being the obligatory chick in the band, I hope more girls join the party next year. ;D

YES I GOT INTO THE MAID CAFE THIS YEAR!!! Last year I got to the registration table only to find that tickets were all sold out! My friend and I got to the con an hour early to be first in line to get tickets as well as help him into his costume since it was raining all day and we parked quite a distance away to avoid paying for parking and he didn't want to walk in the rain and ruin his cosplay.

I left this little doodle of me in the Maid Cafe Guest Book:

This was my favourite outfit (not a cosplay) because everyone loves a bouncy kitty tail! I didn't make the cut for Idol finals but hey, I know I'm not a talented singer. Congrats to all the finalists, you were all amazing!!!

I spent most of my day in the Artist Alley commissioning artists and just meeting everyone!
and many others who don't have or I didn't get a DA username for. I was sorely disappointed at how small the Alley was this year, but I'm guessing they are saving up the budget for 2016's new venue. I hear the Alley will quadruple in size! Which is exciting, as an artist.
I continued my annual tradition of getting two pieces of art every time I attend as a regular con-goer. Look forward to another episode of Cast!REACT soon. :D Thanks to :iconjubblier: and :iconamano-g:!!!

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36 deviants said Y U MAKE ME CHOOSE?
27 deviants said Xie/Psyche
19 deviants said Zyxurq/Eros
18 deviants said PONY
14 deviants said Xeigle/Aphrodite
8 deviants said Raven/Anteros
6 deviants said Diievera/Demeter
6 deviants said Lucky, Valken, Gwen, Ria, Ryuzaki, Kaelim, Arieka
4 deviants said Diiefvs/Fleance, Saki, Rwen, Chai/Keiai, Hari
3 deviants said Someone else not listed


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AndrewLyle Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
what but the story raven 4
Achiru-et-al Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Raven is, unfortunately, on hiatus for another year. I do have every intention of completing the project. I also have to earn a living since I am no longer a student with a lot of free time. So I thank you for your patience in advance.
AndrewLyle Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
yes you try the story
ML3mae Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Ok, I guess we should start with the lines since it is first. Everything is so absolutely smooth despite the little sketchiness of it no matter the object. You have down the curves of skin. The waves of hair, even when the hair is spikey, and the stiffness of objects. They don’t intersect at any weird interval and are never too think or too thin. All lines lead up perfectly to a designed shape. Sure there are times when there’s a little too much lines or it is really sketchy but it often seems to be the art style. Your eyes are beautifully detailed and specific to a character. The expressions of a mouth and eyes fit well to each and every situation and you tend to be able to convey emotion easily with them. Your hair is also given much thought and can easily be seen as strands that could work realistically despite some of the defiance of gravity. All the little details you put into some things are wonderful and well appreciated. Even when you do not go into detail it’s at the right moments to either convey simplicity of emotion in a comic or is in one of your more cartoon-like drawings. You know just when not to be overbearing with it. The simple design of things just have so much thought put into it. You have just so many different ideas for all sorts of buildings and scenes in general. They are all in sync with each other when it comes to perspective as well. Sketches too are very well-in-check and leveled out with the right amount of color. I absolutely adore your coloring skills because it is absolutely breathtaking how you can color so softly. No matter the quality of the picture you blend shadows in with lights and darks with such smoothness that it is nearly impossible to believe that they aren’t part of the same general area. Though they’re still defined when they need to be. A perfect example are your clods, poufy but with the right amount of shadow. And skies tend to be quite difficult to do. Color is also very realistic in terms of the light and its direction. Even when you are drawing cartoons light is still a factor, as it should be. On that note you manage to distinguish between the cartoons and realistic drawings beautifully by the sheer use of the colors in a realistic piece. You can see all the work and effort put into that by just a glance at the detail. You are able to choose the right colors and where they go in terms of shade perfectly, it must take a while for even that but you do it. Even with your own characters you pick out perfect matches of color for their hair, eyes, and skin and the best color outfits to go with that. And must I say that those outfits are sublime. Not only can you shade them differently than hair and skin to appear with wrinkles, around curves, and set as a specified material but their design is insane. The majority of your outfits have a lot of thought put into them in terms of tradition and statements you would like to make. Each one matches their character so well. So much of them have just the right amount of layers or a perfect layout of shapes. And they’re just so diverse for every picture. You have a lot of fun with these outfits as well, being that some episodes are even based off of them. It is most especially cool how you try different things so often. There are so many pieces that aren’t in your unique style yet you’ve seemed to have done research in the material and came up with a traditional result. You don’t seem to be afraid to overstep your comfort zone and draw your characters in different scenes and in different styles. But yet you always try to stay true to an artist’s style when bringing in other’s ocs. This, not only allows you to learn from another perspective but is also so very respectful to the original creator. You try to do a good job with it, as with everything else, and it pays off. I especially love how each character change over time. Don’t get me wrong you weren’t always this perfect and I think it’s great how you’re not afraid to show it. In fact it is very inspiring to see old chalky art and thick sketchy lines that turn more and more original, more and more soft. Like how you’ve changed in your comic ability over the years. The paneling used to be so rough and stretched into the page in a weird way. The transition between panels was also sometimes difficult to follow with their placement. But now, even without lines, you can capture different scenes when the need arises. You’re old art tells a lot about what transitions you’ve had to go to make it to this spot and there’s probably more you plan to do. Maybe there’s always that one line or those few mistakes that make you think you could do better, I don’t know. All I know is that I have not seen such fantastic original art and you have your style down so well that I couldn’t hardly say anything negative about it. If it were me I’d say you’re perfect, you’re there. And you continue doing what you’re doing, working hard at what you love, and it will just keep getting better.

Sorry this took so long. Sorry this is so long. I just feel the need to express to you this and I really hope I covered everything I wanted to in not so many words otherwise I might be back.

P.S. I am sorry to see Fairytale Studios is closed. But I thought that I’d let you know that is still up and running. In case you didn’t know and didn’t want anyone to get anything there. And trust me, EVERYTHING is, definitely, still there. + The comics’ sites. Not sure if you wanted them still up but taking down Achiru’s Fairytales Studios didn’t do anything to Macbeth’s site, either of Raven’s sites or Eros and Psyche’s site. That’s all the ones I know about.
Achiru-et-al Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Aww! Thank you so much ML3mae! Really, you keep making my day! It's rare to find someone who can express in words the appreciation and awe they feel. So thanks for doing that. It's really touching that I could touch you like that.

P.S. Thanks for alerting to me to the old URL. I have abandoned designing my own websites because learning the code and writing everything in html was too time consuming. (Ironically, taking up cosplay and sewing is also time consuming, but teaching takes the cake on consuming the most time of all things, sort of like parenting.) Fairietails Studio will one day re-open as a portal to all my stuff so I'm not taking everything down. I'm still in the process of reorganizing everything. Which will take a while. I HAVE SO MUCH ART.
gotenvilla Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
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wish-away Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
good god it's been like a year since i properly looked on devart and your characters have grown so much!! your art is still beautiful as usual too ;v; <3 i can't believe i've been watching your art since the days of xei and valken i .. don't even want to think how many years ago that was ;;
anyway, just thought i'd drop a message to say hello and that your art still amazes me and makes me happy after all of these long years aha! <3
Achiru-et-al Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
Aww! Thanks so much for stopping by to leave a note! I can't believe how much my characters have grown up either!

wish-away Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i always mean to keep up with all of my favourites but i keep forgetting about deviantart, oops! 
it's been so amazing to see how they've all changed though and they all seem somehow happier and more settled, it's been a wild ride though. c; (i still love xei the most, shh)
Achiru-et-al Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Ha ha, he appreciates that. :D
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